Dec 24, 2016

A comprehensive look at the Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40

Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40i

Got to like a company with a complete line of product. Aquabot has a pool cleaner for each shopper, and today I'll be having a look at another of their spending plan choices, the Pool Rover S2 40i, the PRJ's huge bro. Not just did they present this robotic pool cleaner a cool name, they loaded it with a couple of added duties not seen in the PRJ. It can draw quicker and has restricted energy in ground swimming pools, though it is mostly produced the above terrain type. That old anxiety still exists, a failure to clean pool walls, still so much time as you surmise that entering you will enjoy with your feature.

Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40i Design and Build Quality

We prefer to think that looks do not matter, but it is the best pool cleaner. It is a fact that we decide, often roughly, based on a very first look. The obvious appeals of a pool cleaner ought to not matter saving you're shtupping him. I am still pleased to announce that the Pool Rover S2 40i looks good. It isn't the most beautiful computerized pool cleaner in the Aquabot line. That honor is up to the Breeze XLS. It is at least much better watching than the S2 50, with its yellow plastic surface. All that isn't particularly crucial, though or a minimum of you should not be obtaining a pool cleaner because it matches the exterior of your actions. Naming, neither the S2 40i nor the 50 succeed with efforts. The wheels appear a little reviewed, behind that the gadget is well composed, still lightweight, at 22 pounds.

Not the most crucial area, which is why it precedes, significant sufficient to go over anyhow. The S2 series is well assembled, and interests with imagine quality in the very first batch of S2 40i's has been repaired at this second.

Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40i Features and Specs

Dimension-wise we are taking a look at 11.9 x 18.3 x 17.5 and 22 pounds of pool cleaner here. Such an adequate light imagine. The S2 series have an excellent pump, though, siphoning large a hot 4,800 gallons f water per hour. The cable television is 40 feet, so not appropriate for bigger swimming pools. It is a pivot cable station, so where is a lower possibility of it ending up being tangled as it cleans up. The filter bags that include the S2 40i must last you a long while; one is a large mesh for small particles while the other is a broader internet for getting leaves and other bigger scraps. You can discover replacement bags for around $20 on Amazon if you see yourself requiring replacement, and I would regularly support you purchase some simply in case. The S2 40i does not have a brush on it, so if you have algae concerns on your pool flooring, you may be much better served by the S2 50, which has a set brush. Not as sharp as a turning brush, still an excellent choice on a budget plan. The cleansing series are 1 hour and 2 hours. However, you will likely still need to clean the pool surfaces by hand, as neither the S2 40i nor the S2 50 package sweep flat surfaces. They can both clean the lower area of a wall if there is a smooth transfer up to it, believe rounded walls, which is much better than absolute nothingness.